However, if you're a parent and want to arrange to rent one of our luxury sedans to be 'chauffeur' for the night, we're happy to accommodate - just make sure that YOU make the call! Experience Exotic Car Rental Locations - Massachusetts from the brand known for award-winning customer service. I also needed to rent a car for my stay. I anticipate you'll be seeing more of me, and sooner than expected, as my wife has caught the Ferrari virus. Find Luxury & Exotic car rentals in cities near you, rent Convertibles, sports cars and Luxury SUV, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and more. Diamond Exotic rentals is here to provide you with the latest and most exotic cars available in the market. Boston's ultimate exotic car driving adventure. Special deals. Like the rest of our Northeast fleet, this vehicle is available for delivery to the Boston area on-demand. Any changes to pick-up or delivery times/locations with less than 24 hours notice may incur an additional transportation fee. read more A private jet on 4 wheels.Available in: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, The newest player in the game - an awesome technical accomplishment from the renowned F1 champ.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, The McLaren 570S Spider - it only knows how to go fastAvailable in: Boston, Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, The ultimate in power and luxury - An S550 on steroids!Available in: Las Vegas, San Francisco. From exotic sports cars to luxury sedans and SUVs, the 800ExotiCar Collection features one of the largest selections of exotic and premium luxury vehicles from manufacturers around the world including Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Bentley, Range Rover and more at Massachusetts. Everything from the service of the Gotham team to the performance of the car was absolutely spectacular. and you do not actually use your vehicle on that day, we may (at our discretion) offer you an extension on your rental or credit on a future rental. Gotham Dream Cars aims to offer the same level of service for clients renting a supercar that they would expect when buying a supercar. We typically require a 1+ week rental in order to transport a car, but drop us a line if you have a question and we'd be happy to discuss your needs. If you cancel or reschedule less than 7 days before your rental (or are a no-show at the time of rental), you will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the total rental cost. 06feballday allday Gainesville Raceway Gainesville, FL 27feballday allday Citrus County Speedway Inverness, FL. So, take advantage of our services when you go to Worcester, MA. next vehicle prev vehicle. CHECK AVAILABILITY & PRICING. We will verify with your insurer that your policy is active. Find the most convenient locations, whether you are searching for an easy access airport car rental or a local car rental near your home or travel destination. Additional drivers may be listed on your Rental Agreement at no additional charge. Vehicles are available on special request for door-to-door delivery anywhere in New England. Reserve your car today! Find by City Los Angeles - CA (118) Miami - FL (103) Dallas - TX (33) New York - NY (49) San Diego - CA (69) Washington - DC (29) More cities... Find by Maker. Similar to the above, if we guarantee it to you for just a day, we're giving up the chance to rent it for 2 days, which is what most folks want on the weekends and what we need to do to make business sense. With the top down in a luxury sports car in Massachusetts you could be touring the Cape Cod peninsular with the wind in your hair. We are to be able to bring you the latest car rental Boston. Vehicles Locations About Us Get Started 1-866-4-LUX-CAR Get Started . And our warning still applies: This car makes everything else on the road look boring, and its exotic look doesn't only turn heads -- it stops traffic (so be careful!) Search Results for Massachusetts Exotic Car Rentals | Rent It Today In certain cases, cashier's checks or cash may be accepted if pre-arranged. Special deals. There is one exception though: We do offer “non-guaranteed” (i.e. If there are any additional mileage charges or minor damages, they are billed from your deposit and the balance is refunded back onto your credit card. This is solely at our discretion. These repairs are quick and relatively inexpensive to make and are billed from the security deposit in order to minimize the amount of time the car is off the road. As a DreamShare member, you focus simply on enjoying the driving experience and leave everything else to us. Gotham Dream Cars is pleased to offer its premier exotic car rental and luxury car rental fleet to the Boston area. An SUV that has it all.Available in: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco. We also move the fleet around seasonally, so even if a car isn't in your selected region at the moment, it may be in the future. ", "Hey Guys! In the event of an unforeseen mechanical failure during or prior to a rental, we will make every effort to repair or replace your vehicle with a similar or better model at no additional cost to you. 100-200 miles costs you $1.95/mile. Our luxury car rental fleet has a range of vehicles from top carmakers so you can find one that fits your needs. Check availability and pricing at select locations by visiting below. Details. WELCOME TO SEACOAST EXOTIC CAR RENTALS. Sustainability; Renewable Fuel Research; For Business Solutions for Business. If you’ve ever dreamed of a sports car that’s out of this world, I’m willing to bet that the R8 Spyder is exactly what you envisioned! Special deals. Follow Published on Aug 16, 2017. Exotic Car Rental is the ultimate destination for luxury and quality exotic car rental Boston, Massachusetts.Boston is the largest city in New England and is the state capital to Massachusetts.It is a great place to visit whether for vacation, or for those on business trips.With numerous tourist spots, your visit in Boston will be full of fun and adventure. What better way to enjoy the sights of Boston than in an exotic car from Prestige Luxury Rentals. You’ll select your Luxury car rental in Massachusetts from a large inventory and get the best deals available from suppliers in the area. We can ship cars anywhere, so we'll do our best to make it happen for you. If you do not agree, click on “use limited version of website”. We are to be able to bring you the latest car rental Boston. Granted, their car selection is the exotic rental industry's absolute largest and finest, but its location is a major inconvenience. Find, read reviews, compare car renting prices and get rentals quote of luxury cars in Massachusetts, MA. Your complete guide to exotic car rental in Massachusetts, MA. I (603) 926 - 5533. I (603) 926 - 5533. PART OF THE EXOTIC CAR COLLECTION ON ENTERPRISE.COM. Vehicles are delivered to you with a full tank of gas and can be returned full, empty, or anywhere in between. Rent a luxury car in Massachusetts at one of these branches. V10 5.2L. Sit back and enjoy a slice of driving heaven as you slip into the leather seats of your dream car on...Read more . What more needs to be said?Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Magnificant F1-inspired exotic sports car. Special deals. Baseball and Beer at the local pub are the community favorites in Boston. Exotic Car Rental Savannah, Georgia. We provide the largest selection of luxury and exotic sports cars available. Rent a Exotic in Pittsfield, Massachusetts MA, USA. With an exotic car rental in Boston from SIXT rent a car, you get a premium car at an affordable price. These are vehicles that, sadly, have lived beyond their glory days and have been retired from the GDC fleet. We provide easy to use platform for car owners to list their vehicles for luxury and Exotic Car Rental Boston, Massachusetts area. Book today! There is a reason that 007 has become synonymous with Miami luxury car rental marquee, it is because an Aston Martin is among the most satisfying and exhilarating exotic cars available to drive! weather, see above). We don't mean to sound heartless, but you would be amazed at the number of last-minute deaths in the family, serious illnesses, sick pets, sick mother-in-laws, rabid dogs, and falling skies that people tell us about. Rent a Exotic at Worcester Airport [ORH], Massachusetts MA, USA. Vehicles Locations About Us Get Started 1-866-4-LUX-CAR Get Started . An exotic car rental with SIXT puts you at the wheel of a brand new vehicle with all the latest features, manufactured by the world’s leading brands such as Mercedes and Jaguar. Give us a call and pick your dream vehicle from your desired location 33% off. Each additional mile driven will be subject to a charge at the stated mileage rate. Exotic Car Collection. We can arrange for insurance coverage for those international visitors renting for a minimum of two days. By clicking below, you agree to our use of cookies. PART OF THE EXOTIC CAR COLLECTION ON ENTERPRISE.COM. Another options is if you have an American Express card - they offer a program called 'Premium Car Rental Protection'. If neither of the above apply, there are some 3rd-party companies that provide damage waiver products. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy Vehicles are available to drivers over the age of 21 with clean driving records (no major moving violations, DUI convictions, or similar infractions). What better way to enjoy the sights of Boston than in an exotic car from Prestige Luxury Rentals. Daily and weekend rentals include 100 miles free per day and weekly rentals include 700 miles free, unless stated otherwise. We have one of the best selection of modern and innovative cars, including BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, etc. All cars: Ford Mustang Convertible and more. Compare Exotic for all trusted car rental companies in Pittsfield. Exotic Rental Boston Airport, Massachusetts, USA. Find, read reviews, compare rental prices and rent luxury cars in Boston, Massachusetts. Some of them are for essential web functions, like login or site search, while others help us to improve our site functionality and create a better experience for you. We make sure to rent your vehicle and you will get your share. Milford - Main Street HLE 23 East Main Street Milford , Massachusetts 01757-2701 United States Show Nearby Locations Phone : (508) 422-9946 Email: Location Type: Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat 9:00AM-12:00PM, Sun Closed … Door-to-door delivery is available for a small additional fee depending on the distance traveled. Exotic Car Drive, Boston. We provide storage of your vehicle at our locations at no charge. We can't bear to fully say goodbye to them, so we'll keep these here as a gentle reminder of the good times we shared with each other. About Search Results. What more could you want?Available in: No convertible on the road matches its luxury and dominance.Available in: San Francisco. The amount of this deposit will vary depending on the vehicle being rented and your type of insurance, but typically varies between $2500 - $15k. About Us Any deliveries outside of those hours will incur a surcharge of $100 and up. We understand that many of our clients only have a need for a vehicle for a time period of less than a day, however by renting it to you for even 10 minutes, we are eliminating the possibility that we can rent the car to another customer. There is a $85 fee per rental (regardless of duration) to cover the costs of fuel, tolls, and the procurement of an MVR report (to verify your spotless, perfect driving record.). Until you hit 8000rpm...Available in: Sexy curves, a hard-top convertible, and all the goods Ferrari has to offerAvailable in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pure, unadulterated Ferrari V8 topless fun.Available in: Las Vegas, There's nothing "baby" about this amazing beast - pure Lamborghini.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia. As such, we must charge for a full day. AUDI R8 SPYDER. - New England, Massachusetts - Find Great Retail - Automotive Stores for Sale on The latest in inbuilt infotainment and driver assist systems mean you can relax and enjoy the ride with a wide range of premium features.   |   LOCATION: Boston, MA . Because we have a limited supply of vehicles to offer, we pack the schedule very tightly. Our selection includes Range Rover, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, and more. Let us help you find out a luxury and exotic sports car of your dreams. FEBRUARY 2021. february, 2021. Get in gear for Atlanta's newest exotic car driving adventure as you take a Ferrari or Lamborghini f...Read more. Exotic Cars. Compare Exotic Rental Prices from $80 for all trusted car rental companies in Boston Airport. You will be able to see how our people are eager to provide quality and satisfying experience. For example: You rent the Lamborghini Gallardo for one day. we're not sticklers about a 2 day rental being exactly 48 hours. This Boston exotic car driving adventure lets you choose from Lamborghini Gallardo LP550, Ferrari 458 Italia and Nissan GT-R. ), in any speed test, speed contest, race, rally, speed endurance contest, demonstration, or on or near any racetrack or road course (we're serious about this -- no insurance company on earth will cover the car while on the track, and that means we're both on the hook for a LOT of money). without worrying about fumbling for change. V10 5.2L. Unfortunately, we've had bad experiences in the past with underage drivers getting their hands on our exotics after their relative rented the vehicle to 'drive them' to prom. Nicole and I could not have asked for a better wedding. Sit back and enjoy a slice of driving heaven as you slip into the leather seats of your dream car on an exciting autocross course. Sublime excitement.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, American muscle at its best. Your complete guide for exotic car rental in Boston, MA. Car & Van Hire Locations. An EZ-Pass (in the Northeast) or SunPass (in Florida) is included in each vehicle, so you can zip through tolls and focus on driving (and having fun!) If a visit to Dubai is coming up and you wish to rent a luxury vehicle here, Don Rent A Car is your one-stop solution to finding the best ride in this bustling metropolis. Our luxury car rentals in Massachusetts are equipped with safety features like rollover pop-up bars, passenger distance control and extra airbags. Rent A Lamborghini Huracan. (One guy's father has died three times in the past year. A beast of epic proportion.Available in: Miami, An absolute monster. Compare Exotic Rental Prices from $80 for all trusted car rental companies in Boston. Unfortunately we do not allow 3rd parties to pick up vehicles and our employees must physically hand the keys over to the person who will be driving. IML-MA2-010. One of the advantages of having our own fleet of delivery trucks is that we can get your awesome exotic cars anywhere you area - and that includes Boston, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or, really, anywhere. $149.00 $99.00. Check availability and pricing at select locations by visiting below. There will be a 1-hour grace period with your scheduled return time, after which you may be subject to additional daily rental fees. Book Online & … A stunning, classy, sexy roadster fit for a secret agent.Available in: Sophisticated, wind-in-your-hair fun.Available in: Audi's now-legendary modern supercar - fast, stylish, and awesome.Available in: Las Vegas. DreamShare members can purchase rental time at significant discounts for use of in vehicle - in any city - at any time. About Search Results. exotic-car-rentals. This is available directly from American Express and provides coverage for your GDC rental vehicle. Luxury that doesn’t just mean exotic cars for any occasion, but giving you personalized white glove service to meet your needs. Business For Sale - Elite Exotic Car Rental Company! It’s a great choice whether you’re arriving for a business trip or looking to have a safe ride for a road trip. CONTACT US TODAY and be prepared to encounter one of the best car rental services in the industry. So if you give us a call on Saturday morning and the car you want is still available, we'll gladly rent it to you same-day for just that day. Simply signup and choose car you like the most to visit. I hear that it is incurable, not terminal, but thankfully treatable. Other features are the F1-style 6-speed semi-automatic transmission and 490hp mid-mounted V8. Explore Exotic Car Rental Website to get car on rent at genuine price. Our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. And it's for the same reason that if you're driving down the highway in your Camry and you happen to knock a Ferrari off the road, your insurance will cover the damage. Exotic Car Rental Boston, Massachusetts 47 views. 4-seater convertible with a 500hp V10 - an awesome rarity.Available in: An incredible luxury sedan born of the belief that unadulterated luxury can also include outstanding road performance.Available in: Las Vegas, San Francisco, Powerful luxury - like a wolf in sheep's clothing.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, The Bentley GTC's angrier sibling.Available in: Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Luxury, technology and space. Exotic Car Rental provide a platform where customers can search a wide variety of available vehicles from multiple suppliers. In all 50 states, if you carry full-coverage insurance (that means Liability, Comp, and Collision) your insurance will automatically carry over and cover you when you rent a car from us – regardless of what you drive or what you rent. Our normal delivery hours are between 10am and 6pm. Once your invoice has been settled, you can of course make a claim to your insurance company to be reimbursed for any charges. Boston is the quintessential blend of colonial history coupled with an amazing nightlife. Choose Your Location. Book Now Book Now Vehicle Details – Exotic Car Rental Believe it or not, the answer is yes. Our goal is twofold: To offer exotic car rentals that can't be found anywhere else in Boston; and to offer a level of service that far surpasses what clients in the Boston area have come to expect from a traditional "car rental" company. ", "I just wanted to say thanks and tell you that my husband had a great time with the Lamborghini! From exotic sports cars to luxury sedans and SUVs, the 800ExotiCar Collection features one of the largest selections of exotic and premium luxury vehicles from manufacturers around the world including Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Bentley, Range Rover and more at South Boston (Massachusetts). (Our dedicated delivery team works very hard and very long hours 7 days a week, and if one of them is waiting around for 2, 3, or 4+ hours because of a missed return appointment, it throws off the entire schedule.). Take advantage of our luxury car rental deals on fun sports cars and convertibles and roomy SUVs. WELCOME TO PRESTIGE LUXURY CAR RENTALS IN Boston, Massachusetts Are you planning a trip to Boston MA soon? Sorry to have to say 'no' again. Give us a shout - we'll do our best to work around your schedule. We provide the largest selection of luxury and exotic sports cars available. 33% off. Like the rest of our Northeast fleet, this vehicle is available for delivery to the Boston area on-demand. One of the classics - fun, agile, and 100% Porsche.Available in: Coming soon!Available in: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, The pinnacle of luxury sedans - and it cuts an imposing figure inside and out.Available in: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco. Massachusetts (/ ˌ m æ s ə ˈ tʃ uː s ɪ t s / , /-z ɪ t s /), officially known as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is the most populous state in the New England region of the Northeastern United States. Click on a vehicle for photos & details. I am an automobile enthusiast so it was like a kid in a candy store when I arrived at their showroom. We recognize that exotic cars are only half the rental equation -- without high-end service, particularly in a place like Boston, clients are not getting their money's worth. Vehicles are available to international visitors with a valid passport and driver's license from their home country. Choose from exotic cars. Pricing is available online for select locations only. This usually takes 3-5 business days after the end of your rental. Massachusetts is full of history and beauty. Alas, we do not. All our rentals include 100 miles per rental day. When people think of an Aston Martin, they often think of James Bond. Please inquire for details on these options. Choose between a Classic American Sports Car or a Italian Supercar today Seacoast Exotic Car Rentals LLC. Please call 1-866-4-LUX-CAR for pricing based on the specific vehicle and your rental … © Copyright 2004 - 2021, Gotham Dream Cars, LLC - Englewood NJ, Miami FL and Los Angeles CA. Miami Aston Martin Rental Cars. You've got several options: The easiest option is if you carry an insurance policy on a personal vehicle that you own or lease. You’ll get rewards back from every booking, and can customize your entire trip itinerary, all in one place. 602 HP *Vehicle specifications … A sleek, stylish hardtop convertibleAvailable in: What Mercedes does best: A perfect blend of power, comfort and looks.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia. Rest assured, this is refunded in full once the vehicle has been returned to us and thoroughly inspected. WELCOME TO SEACOAST EXOTIC CAR RENTALS. Renting the Gallardo Spyder was nothing short of amazing, and I definitely plan on using your services again." Rent Now. Skip the rental counter and book unforgettable exotic & luxury cars from friendly locals. We always aim to get there at the beginning of your delivery window, so we'll do our best. And our warning still applies: This car makes everything else on the road look boring, and its exotic look doesn't only turn heads -- it stops traffic (so be careful!)