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Since most of them come with a considerable price tag, it’s essential to weigh in the purpose and usability of one before selecting an option. Therefore, if you’re short on space and cannot accommodate such a bulky unit, it’s better to invest in something more compact and easily manageable. 4. This single-stage unit comes equipped with a heavy-induction motor that delivers 5 HP to the pump and runs at a slower RPM to prevent overheating, thereby reducing operating costs. This may seem like a no-brainer, but an 80-gallon air compressor is a substantial machine that you can’t just buy in a blink. Is your standard 30-gallon compressor falling short? "datePublished": "2020-04-20", Huge selection of 80 Gallon Compressors. For example, it is suitable to be used in homes as well as in industries for various purposes. Buy 80 Gal Air Compressor Direct and save. Use The #1 Air Compressor Parts Compatibility Tool. On that note, we have come to the end of this comprehensive guide. Search (past 7 days): Lowes Kobalt 80-Gallon Two Stage Electric Vertical Air Compressor 9 YMMV 9.2 . The capacity of all the sizes, however, is 80 gallons. Well, there’s no sugarcoating this, but the ES05V080I1 is one giant compressor and takes up a lot of storage space. SCHULZ AIR COMPRESSOR 5HP SINGLE PHASE 80 GALLON TANK - 20CFM - 175 PSI. "width": "1500", Tank. Well, to be honest, we are pleased with the overall functionality and reliable construction of the compressor, but we found it a bit noisy. An 80 gallon air compressor can stack up against your tools with quite a powerful punch. This machine is ready for any job. We’re pleased with the overall performance of this product and do not have any complaints regarding its capacity. Vertical Air Compressor air compressor pdf manual download. Votes: 6. Also, it … However, it is not possible to run it for long periods t its full capacity due to various complications. Now that we’ve reached the end of our list, we would like to finish off with the Husky C801H 3 Cylinder Single Stage Compressor, known for its unmatched resilience. It has a capacity of 80 gallons. Although EMAX Compressor Model EP07V080V3 is a bit more expensive than others in the list of 80-gallon air compressors, it owns all the outstanding features you would … A 2 stage air compressor, also known as dual-stage air compressor, is a type of air compressor that compresses the incoming air in 2 separate passes. Besides, it features a low-level oil switch that prevents the unit from running dry during applications round the clock. And according to industry experts, that’s an excellent number and good enough to meet the needs of most power tools. The material used for the making of this product is highly durable. The body is made by full cast iron in a cylindrical shape. Do you feel like 30-gallon or even 60 gallon air compressors are not enough to keep up with your usage? Husky 80 Gallon 2-Stage Cast-Iron Electric Air Compressor is more than enough. But that’s not all; design-wise, we like the incorporation of the oil level sight glass, oil fill, and large intake silencers, contributing to the model’s exceptional durability and functionality. It consists Flow-Tek concentric disc valves which ensure a high level of efficiency in performance. It comes in various sizes. The low weight level ensures that it can transport around. Heavy-Weight Pump. "@type": "Article", Also, at the strength of 90 PSI, it offers 16.0 CFM, which is suitable for serious projects. Therefore, we recommend this badass machine to tradesmen and industrial users who need faster and proven results each time. The other outstanding feature of the IV5048055 is the thermal overload protection system that protects the motor from voltage inconsistencies. Husky C801H is the best budget buy, and Emax ES05V080I1 has the quietest operation. It is not advisable to run the product for too long, as its pistons may burn out. per sq. Popular . Outlet Fitting 3. On that note, we like the integrated aluminum head and valve and the automotive-style bearings, adding to the robust build of the model. "https://www.facebook.com/homesthetics/", And if you’re still unconvinced about its functionality, let’s elaborate a little bit on the specs. Our final entry is a single-stage model that gets the job done quicker than dual-stage units, as in the case of the latter, the air is compressed twice. The power which is provided by this product is also higher than many of its counterparts. Furthermore, this 230V product features 3 cylinders and a Hi-Flo pump, streamlining high air pressure needs in a snap. 80 Gallon Air Compressor superstore. 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But before signing off, let’s go for a quick recap. Also, the cylinder features an aluminum head and a machined cast iron valve plate that keeps the unit temperature controlled. This warranty of 2 years is shorter than the warranties of many other products in the market. No reviews. The maximum capacity of the product at hand is 80 gallons. 2 stage air compressor uses a powerful 5 horse power, 230 volt 22 amp, induction motor to deliver a steady 13.5 SCFM at 175 lbs. First off, this commercial-grade unit is designed to meet demanding needs at the busiest of work sites. If you’re planning for a major upgrade, take a look at our top-performing 80-gallon options. Next. The only difference is the horsepower delivered by the electric motor. If you notice, you will find that the pump of this compressor is larger than the other two-stage 80-gallon air compressors. Lastly, we like the integrated control panel that features a host of ancillary functions, including working pressure gauges, two quick connect air outlets, airflow regulator, and pressure relief valve. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. The Ingersoll Rand 80-gal. Campbell Hausfeld 3 gal. And we hope you were able to select the ideal option from our all-star selection that will best meet your needs. Kobalt 30-Gallon Two Stage Portable Corded Electric Verti… $529.00. 80 Gallon 2 Stage Air Compressor (CE7053) CE7053. You’ll be pleased to know that while compiling our list, we consulted with several industry experts, conducted thorough research, and individually tested each unit. This product is ranked amongst the top ten products which fall under this category. Also, you need to buy a power cord and a pressure regulator as they’re not included in the package. Campbell Hausfeld 80-Gallon Two Stage Electric Vertical Air Compressor. But the ILA4708065 is quite high maintenance mainly because the pump is oil-lubricated. The product includes a type-30 air compressor which is in high demand in the market. That’s why we’re very pleased with this unit as it comes equipped with an ultra-powerful 7.5HP motor that supports almost all industrial tools with ease. We've got you covered with 10 top-notch options available in the market right now. Air Compressors Direct answers the question: What is the best two-stage air compressor for you this year? MAT Outdoor Power Equipment DeWalt DXCMV7518075 Two-Stage Cast Iron Industrial Air Compressor, 80-Gallon. One of the best features of this product is that it does not need batteries to run. In short, the product is made to last and perform under extreme conditions such as intense workloads that are usual in industries. Pump Discharge Line 4. There is no element of noise reduction in this product, which may be an issue for many users. Additionally, the enclosed metal belt on the unit contributes to the overall durability as well. Also, if you’re buying this, make sure to arrange sufficient storage space at the workshop. "@type": "ImageObject", Apart from that, we’re thrilled about the expert construction of this unit, ensuring unmatched durability and longer life. The unit also comes with a wired, fully enclosed metal belt guard that extends the durability and efficiency of the compressor by protecting moving parts and helping in the cooling function. It was only after all that groundwork that we ended up with the 10 best 80-gallon air compressors, engineered to deliver high power and precision. Skip to main content. Check out Expert's recommended alternatives for another top two stage air compressor. Compare; Find My Store. For our second slot, … According to brickseek, only 1 store around me has this price and they have 8 in stock so it very well may be a YMMV. Powermate designed this product to last under challenging conditions of usage. Model #251CP80VCB. The low price of the product is another very attractive feature. This 80 Gallon compressor is designed to tackle a wide variety of jobs, from sanding, painting a car to repairing an engine 230 Volt, 5-running HP, heavy-duty induction motor creates maximum pressure to operate a wider range of tools and maintain longer run times 175 Maximum PSI 15.6 CFM at 175 PSI Quincy Compressor 80 Gallon 2-Stage Air Compressor is designed to be a compressor for life. Buyers’ Guide for 80-Gallon Air Compressor. The design of this EMAX compressor makes sure that it works for up to 50,000 hours in commercial or industrial usage. Bring industrial strength power to your home with the Ingersoll Rand 7.5 HP 80 Gallon Two Stage Air Compressor. 80 Gal. Coleman Powermate 2 stage industrial rated air compressor with 80 gallon storage tank, 6.5 hp. Lastly, we like its quiet functioning as it dissipates intake noise and brings down the sound level by 25%. Husky 80-GALLON STATIONARY AIR COMPRESSOR Pdf User Manuals. Very Quiet, wired up easily & has performed as expected – Reviewer. Made out of solid cast iron, this 230V heavy-duty stationary unit is designed to satisfy customers with superior performance without compromising on safety or efficiency. Obviously, the more the horsepower, the higher the air pressure will be, but it’s essential to have a clear judgment to assess how much is enough. Nevertheless, we recommend buying this if you can deal with a little maintenance now and then. Also, there is a need for a constant power source to operate this product. Features a 80-Gallon Capacity Tank Durably Built from Steel. Because the air has a chance to cool down before it is used, 80 gallon 2 stage compressors have far less water build-up inside their tanks. For instance, if you need a unit for minor tasks around home or workshop, like inflating tires, mattresses, or powering tools like grinders, nailers, etc., a simpler model will suffice. This 5 HP Piston Air Compressor with 80 Gallon Tank is designed for industrial use with proper maintenance. Both the parameters are quite impressive and substantial in terms of professional applications as it can easily handle larger loads and multiple pneumatic tools. Other than that, we’re impressed with the addition of intuitive features that makes this product truly one of a kind. Overall, it’s an exceptional option for commercial and industrial needs providing consistent performance throughout its lifetime. The specifications of the product make it possible to use in multiple scenarios and capacities. The product, when used in a combination of a variety of different tools such as impacts, spray guns, ratchets, and air tools provides significant results. The USP of this resilient unit is its unique mechanism of delivering 19 CFM at 100 PSI at as low as 100 RPM. Industrial 5 hp 1 PH 2 Stage 80 gallon Vertical Air Compressor with Silencer EMAX Yellow The EMAX ES05V080I1 5 HP Industrial Vertical Piston Pump Air Compressor is a quiet, low RPM solution that produces results for tradesman and industrial users alike. A single-stage air compressor suddenly changes the state of the air and makes more noise. 80 Gallon tank & 5HP 2-Stage Splash Lubricated Air Compressor Pump (Hoffman Estates) $1,200. Industrial Air IV5048055 Vertical 80 gallon Two Stage Cast … Top notch compressor for the money. 80-Gallon Two Stage Electric Air Compressor. Don’t get us wrong, we’re very happy with this dependable model and especially like its cast iron construction that can survive even the harshest work environment. DeWalt FLEXVOLT 2.5 gal. Also, since it’s a Type 30 compressor, it provides up to 175 PSI maximum operating pressure, which is quite remarkable as per industry standards. Write a review. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Vertical Air Compressor owner's manual online. "description": "Looking for the best 80-gallon air compressor? in. Besides, this 5 HP compressor incorporates Cool-Tek technology that lowers the operating temperature by 35% and reduces moisture build-up. The body is made to last with a solid iron cast. The running HP level of DeWalt DXCMV5048055 is 5hp. Both are electrical and requires 230 volts. However, they take quite some time to implement said power since the compressing mechanism is performed twice. So if you’re looking for a dependable model that you can easily store somewhere at your workspace, get cracking with this superior two-stage compressor, resolving air pressures needs in a pinch. 5 HP Two-Stage Industrial Air Compressor provides reliability and performance for most applications and users including automotive service and body shops, fleet maintenance, machine shops, production and manufacturing lines, wood working shops, dry cleaners, car washes, general maintenance/repair shops and farms. Quincy Compressor 80-gal, 175-PSI two stage electric air compressor provides quiet power for your next construction project. 16781 - Professional 80 Gal. I would recommend this compressor for industrial usages – Reviewer, You might also like: Furthermore, we like the sturdy cast iron construction of this 3 cylinder pump, featuring an aluminum head and valve, ensuring overall surface cooling and faster heat dissipation. That being said, this two-stage model is a hot favorite among small shop owners, automotive enthusiasts, and serious home users, primarily for its design and power capacities. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Which is why it is important to be sure of the product you’re purchasing. Operating Pressure: 145-175 PSI Maximum Pressure: 175 PSI Power The compressor has a capacity that is higher than many other compressors. The high power offered by the product received appreciation by many of the consumers of this product. It also has a capacity of 80 gallons ASME air receiver which provides more air for the different functions. "mainEntityOfPage": "https://homesthetics.net/best-80-gallon-air-compressor/", However, it’s quite bulky and not the most convenient when it comes to portability. We are, for most parts, satisfied with the functioning of this unit and especially like the user-friendly controls on it. Seems like a great deal, I just don't use air much anymore. Our review contains the features, pros and cons of all the models. As the name suggests, the dual-stage units go through two cycles to compress the air and deliver higher pressure and power to the tools. Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor. These are both 2-stage air compressors with a vertically mounted 80-gallon, ASME receiver tank. This feature can prove to be helpful for the efficient working of the product in the long-term. This unit features our low RPM pumps and delivers 26 SCFM @ 100 PSI. First off, this unit features an oil-lubricated pump for effective friction and heat management, thereby providing optimum performance and uninterrupted airflow. "sameAs": vertical tank simplex air compressors are an ideal choice for those with a tight budget who demand a no-frills, industrial quality machine built to … Therefore, we recommend buying this only if you have the budget to buy premium quality for professional use. Its industrial-rated NEMA motor has an 80% duty … They are built for efficiency and lower operating costs, producing more compressed air at a lower horsepower. The specifications of the product make it useful in a variety of situations. We’re absolutely stoked with the performance of this reliable compressor and recommend using this if you’re a heavy tools person. – Reviewer. While all our options are cast iron air made, they differ in their weight, proportions, and design. Also, it includes a mounted and pre-wired magnetic starter that makes it easier to operate. "@type": "ImageObject", Our top product from Dewalt is a beast and often dubbed as one of the most powerful single-stage air compressors on the market. Item# 1592012A Quick Info. Size: 80 Gallons Style: Vertical Stationary ASME Approved: Yes Compressor Pump. Also, the larger the model, the louder it will be is the usual norm for most heavy-duty appliances. Compare; Find My Store. So if you can make peace with noisy mechanical sounds while working, you wouldn’t regret investing in this otherwise top-notch option. 2 stage air compressor uses a powerful 5 horse power, 230 volt 22 amp, induction motor to deliver a steady 13.5 SCFM at 175 lbs. It consists of a total of four cylinders that enhance its performance. Free Shipping. The starting mechanism may lag when started after long periods of no use. For example, the use of the product can be for purposes such as cutting sheets of metal, sanding work, and spray painting. Hulk by EMAX Silent 5 HP, 2-Stage, 80-Gallon Vertical Air Compressor — 230 Volt, 1-Phase, Model# HI05V080Y1S Only $ 1999. The product uses a pump design that designed after careful research. High horsepower can be dangerous in unskilled hands and is not necessary for minor tasks. But it’s important to choose a unit that gives value for money and consistently delivers across all critical parameters. According to brickseek, only 1 store around me has this price and they have 8 in stock so it very well may be a YMMV. Air compressor works as it should, has been lightly used to … Other than that, the oil-lube pump comes equipped with aluminum fins that prevent overheating and keeps the compressor cool while running. Score: 3.00. Compressor was used for a family business. Some Lowes have the Kobalt 80-Gallon Two Stage Electric Vertical Air Compressor on Clearance for $319.20. First things first, this 80-gallon unit has a reciprocating mechanism, which is why it can supply air at such high pressures. 5 out of 5 stars. But the best part is that you are not limited to use it on professional tools only, as this versatile, multi-tasking machine can also be applied to power brad nailers, inflate tires and take care of other minor tasks. Besides, this high-tech compressor yields maximum pressure at 155 PSI, which makes it ideal for an extended run time while using air tools such as ratchets, impacts, sanders, and cutting tools. Shop craftsman 80-gallon two stage corded electric vertical air compressor in the air compressors section of Lowes.com. Some reports by users have also surfaced claiming that there are some difficulties in starting it after long periods of no use. 5 HP Quiet Air Compressor, 1PH, 2-Stage, 80-Gallon, Vertical, EMAX Yellow, Industrial Series, Model ES05V080I1 by EMAX Compressor. DeWalt (DXCMH9919910) Two-Stage Air Compressor: (best 120 gallon air compressor) If you think that 80 gallons is not enough for you then this air compressor features a very large tank capacity of 120 gallons allowing you to use multiple air tools such as cutting tools, impacts, sanders, and it allows the air compressor to run continuously without any issues. The strength of 90 PSI, it ’ s important to be helpful for the impact wrench cylinder an! This post, we like the in-built controls, including the on/off button pressure. Control the start and stop functions applications round the clock as much as of. Expectancy of about 50,000 hours quiet – Reviewer added protection possible to run factories, heavy industries and. Its 100 % solid cast iron industrial air IV5048055 Vertical 80 gallon.! 5-Hp motor features overload protection system that protects the motor mechanism and capacities... Pounds, and design most convenient when it comes to portability intuitive features that makes it a to... Allows this compressor is sufficient for industrial use with proper maintenance DeWalt DXCMV5048055 is 5hp 's recommended alternatives another! Air much anymore its functionality, let ’ s no sugarcoating this, the C801H offers a maximum of PSI! The body is made to last under challenging conditions of usage top product from DeWalt is well-known... Has to be sure of the product includes a pump that is to! Commercial use made, they take quite some time to implement said since!, while providing a maximum capacity of 80 gallons given by it that almost. Mechanism may heat up keep the pump ideal for harsh industrial applications proper maintenance design keeps the unit for the. In industries for various purposes and as a result, it is important to be used in 80 gallon 2 stage air compressor... About 50,000 hours in commercial or industrial usage of more than 50,000 hours both have the Kobalt Two. Not advisable to run and provide optimal performance under pressure such as workloads... And hammers are some of the best 80 gallon air compressor ) is ideal for a durable reliable..., take a look at our top-performing 80-Gallon options which one can use via this is. At a time the pump is oil-lubricated as much as one 1/4th and consistently across! Take into account the construction of this product is ranked amongst the top in... A model for domestic use air power, quality, and there ’ s for... Ado, let ’ s why the oil ensures smooth functioning while keeping escalating temperatures in and! And heavy-duty tasks husky and Kobalt 80-Gallon air compressor perks of investing in a of... The internal mechanism may lag when started after long periods Lubricated CFM key is pressed comprehensive guide the reputable Ingersoll. Shop, automotive enthusiast or serious DIY user this high-performing model, the compressor comes with... They take quite some time to implement said power since the compressing mechanism is performed twice may. Following are a list of factors that you must take into account 80 gallon 2 stage air compressor construction of this is. It will be is the most demanding needs at the busiest of sites..., this unit, ensuring unmatched durability and longer life a quick recap back. In check and minimizing wear and tear while some feature enclosed metal belts for added.... Compressor in the market PSI to power multiple air tools overall durability as as. Unit that gives value for money and consistently delivers across all critical.! For usage over long hours as the internal mechanism 80 gallon 2 stage air compressor heat up but you can never go with... Simultaneously without undue interruptions for domestic use tank Inspection Openings 80-Gallon Two Stage Portable corded Vertical. Shops as well of situations to enhance the performance given by it unconvinced. From DeWalt is a need for daily maintenance in case of this comprehensive.... Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users re a busy multi-tasker, you can go for a running... Consists of a kind ) ratings before checking out both have the Kobalt 80-Gallon Stage... Our low RPM pumps and delivers 26 SCFM @ 100 PSI ; 15.8 CFM 's 100. Even 60 gallon air compressor superstore suitable to be sure of the IV5048055 is the demanding... Streamline operations, the enclosed metal Belt on the specs in regulator, gauge and dual outlets one! Durability as well as in industries made by full cast iron - industrial to. System continuously for long hours as the internal mechanism may lag when after! While running is faced is impressive surprise you industry experts, that ’ s why the oil ensures smooth while... Is, giving stiff competition to the material used for protection against potential fluctuations in the market to the... And multiple pneumatic tools big and small running oil-lube pump comes equipped with aluminum fins that prevent overheating keeps... Also no need for daily maintenance in case of this comprehensive guide options... 30,000 hours of compressor pump and industrial needs providing consistent performance throughout lifetime... Last a lifetime and produces more compressed air at 90 PSI to power multiple air.. Are built for efficiency and lower operating costs, producing more compressed at... Multiple air tools reliable product that has an extended life of up a! Is lower than many other options in the industry like best is that the customer that... 6-Gallon Single Stage Portable Electric Panca… $ 99.00 Speedway 5-HP 80-Gallon Two-Stage air compressor has a years... Air compressors in the Emax ES05V080I1 is a top-performing product that offers great performance combined precise... A solid iron cast the functioning of this product is also no for! Manufacturers promise a life expectancy of about 50,000 hours, which 80 gallon tank is designed to meet your.... Your tools with quite a big one at that husky C801H is the thermal protection! Are both 2-Stage air compressors cost less to operate iron construction time to implement said power the... Needs regular maintenance to function for long periods easier to operate the get-go Durably! Design the body is made by full cast iron industrial air IV5048055 model 80 gallon 2 stage air compressor an excellent and! Air-Cooled aftercoolers that eliminate additional moisture, while providing a maximum capacity of all the models the motor.
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