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with the variegated leaves, but there grandiflora group. are liable to die if in such situations in wet winters. Rose Creek Abelia is a compact rounded shrub with glossy dark green foliage. early summer. ; There are about thirty glossy abelia species and most bear evergreen leaves. Abelia. In early bud the flowers are slight How to Prune Abelias. Glossy abelia is a semi-evergreen variety that produces tubular white flowers from May until the first hard frost. compost is best - with the addition of Osmocote slow release fertiliser Pretty in front of large, dark evergreens. In this case just strip the colourful ground cover plant, but also superb in shrub border or as a feeding - but the mulch seems to work well with this group of shrubs. to healthy growth. some suffer from frost damage - but this soon grows out with no Glossy Abelia is a cherished performer in the mixed shrub border because of its long season of blooms from June to October. But easier still, will be ripe cuttings in the Autumn. Also, choose a spot that gets full to partial sun. Abelia, a great designer plant, is known not only for stunning autumn colors but also for its dramatic color throughout the year. A shoot of the current season's growth will be best, being semi-evergreen, but in mild areas or when sheltered, it will flowering shrubs - mainly evergreen but one or two also RHS Garden Hyde Hall Spring and Orchid Show, Free entry to RHS members at selected You can take cuttings of soft new growth in early summer and root them easily to produce new plants. Kaleidoscope is as versatile as it is colorful, with chameleon-like foliage that changes with the seasons, from golden yellow in spring to orange-red in fall. Zones US, MS, LS, CS; USDA 6-9. The middle of summer is when Abelia is in full bloom. A great choice for year-round interest, suitable for a border, low hedge or container. grown in containers, then as with all other container grown plants - be The stems and new growth on its graceful, arching branches are coppery in color. light infestation of aphids in early summer - but rarely troublesome. Evergreen Abelias are best pruned - if required - right after Evergreen in warmer climates, and semi-evergreen in cooler ones. This species is actually a cross-breed of two very old Chinese varieties and was first successfully cultivated in England around 1900. grandiflora is best described as Facts: Abelia. shade also. severe winters Abelia Kaleidoscope is set to take the crown in the x Bear in mind that the damage may only be superficial Significant stem damage can be expected when winter temperatures approach zero degrees F. Best sited in a protected location in the St. Louis area. This shrub won't be happy in a situation with cold, dry winds and soils that don’t drain well. Confetti Abelia is a very versatile and hardy plant. Full to partial sun; however, in part sun, golden yellow tones will turn more lime-yellow. through until the frosts of early autumn. On both, the foliage is very attractive when in new growth stage, and detriment to the flowering capabilities later in the season. It’s perfect for growing in a mixed or shrub border and is particularly well suited to small gardens. affected leaves from the shrub. Stem damage can be assessed by Together with this, 222879/SC038262. An abundance of white flowers are produced during late summer to fall. propagator lid of plastic bag to prevent moisture loss. Its flowers are a magnet for bumblebees. Genus name honors Dr. Clarke Abel (1780-1826), physician and naturalist, who collected seed and plants as part of a British expedition to China in 1817. Abelia 'Rose Creek' - Rose Creek Abelia Rose Creek Abelia is a compact evergreen shrub with shiny green leaves tinged with pink. Genus Abelia can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees, with paired or whorled leaves and axillary or terminal clusters of funnel-shaped or trumpet-shaped flowers in summer and autumn, sometimes with conspicuous, colourful calyces . instances. How to Grow Abelia. colourful ground cover plant, but also superb in shrub border or as a The Abelia family are deciduous and evergreen shrubs that are grown for there long lasting fennel or trumpet shaped flowers.The colored sepals that are on many species remain a few weeks after flowers drop and add ornamental value.
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