something you could teach another person in 5 minutes

I am doing an education course at university and on Tuesday we all have to teach everyone else something in 3-5 minutes. Here are 20 things ( UPDATE : 10 NEW tips added to the original 10 ) I learnt in a minute which I found really useful in my life. 4. Prev 7 of 20 Next. When my teacher gave me a grade I felt did not reflect the quality of work that I had produced. Another nifty idea for those toilet paper rolls. 7. I urge you to try your fancy language with these jerks. Get captivating new articles, just like this one, delivered right to your inbox each day. Here is a 5 … Hopefully these items can serve you well. I am taking a training course and one of my assignments is to teach my class how to do something in 10 minutes following a specific lesson plan. You're obviously not really learning a different language, because, 10 minutes. Of course there are plenty more cool and simple things you can learn in under 10 minutes to impress someone than just the top 10 items in this list. Some examples of what others have done are making an origami crane, wine tasting, teaching a few words in a foreign language etc.. If you have something to teach us please leave us a comment below with what you would like to share! You can teach them how to tear a phone book in half. Create a group with you and another number and then remove the other number. 5. 10 science-backed life hacks you can teach yourself in under 5 minutes. These have been sourced from all over the internet and also my own experiences. Something you could teach another person in five minutes. I have no idea what to teach. But there are still plenty of useful skills you can pick up in just five minutes or less. 15 Skills You Can Learn In 2 Minutes And They Will Be Useful Forever. Unsubscribe from any newsletters that aren't helping you achieve your goals using It has to be something interactive so that I can get the audience to try it out. LIKE US ON FB :) Get More Right To Your Inbox! 1. Has anyone got any good ideas? Check your upcoming meetings for the week, and send any emails necessary to confirm them. I have an interview at Oxford Brookes for primary education on the 1st of february, and i have to teach something interesting to a group of other applicants for 5 minutes. I'd pick this one, that will be interesting and practical - you never know when you need to rip a phone book in half but when you do, you … The value of taking risks and how to be smart about risk-taking. These are ideas that people have used in the past. Just sign up and we will send you the best new stories as they come in. A time you fought for something of someone you believe in. Actually you're just mugging up 5 phrases in the language you think you're comfortable with, and just vomiting it out. So i have to be able to involve everyone and ask questions etc. 3. All you need to do is build an interesting enough story around it. 20 Things You Can Learn In Five Minutes Or Less May 2, 2014. It has to be something easy to teach, and they said it can't be too 'speech-like'. Identify one thing that you can delegate, and to whom you can delegate it. When you have five minutes, clear out as many of these as possible. Employee Training How to Teach Anything to Anyone Since you can't possibly do it all yourself, you'll need to teach other people how.
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