Eitherway, it's a great song to begin with :), wanted to post the link for the rest of the board. Although "Ma Baker" is a typical Boney M song, unlike "Daddy Cool" the lyrics are not totally meaningless because it is based on a real person.Kate Barker, born Arizona Clark, married her husband George in 1892 and bore him four sons who became gangsters in the fashion of Bonny & Clyde and John Dillinger. To bake bread is to invite the best of nature to your table. Thank you so much, Shiao-Ping. I’ll take it. I can’t imagine that there wasn’t some awareness of the breadmaking process informing those lyrics, but of course, the figurative coexists with the literal. I would add that you’re also a writer Rolan! My apologies for being so slack. In the summer of 1978, Gerry Rafferty's song “Baker Street” became a top-five hit in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. You can also subscribe without commenting. I like your comment that “if the song speaks to you in one way and to others in other ways, that’s fine – it’s the nature of art.” Quite right! I’ve often pondered since then how I would answer such a question. Why did they finally ‘speak’ to me this time, and with such emotional impact? It was enough to make a man stare.' Of course, metaphorical possibilities leap out of the lyrics of Song Of A Baker, but there can be no doubt that The Small Faces understood the calling of the baker, the peace to be found in the process, the wonder of conjuring bread from ingredients as simple and seemingly disparate as grain, water and salt. That’s a hard one. If I didn't know the original, I would probably share your assessment of the Posies' version - it's such a great song that it shines through any competent contemporised treatment. First, hats off to your fabbo 23yo son for being open-minded, adventurous and above all passionate enough about music to seek out gems of so many decades ago like Ogdens. Thanks so much for your comments. I will never be MD. It means do your job. A man who takes the privilege of a girl's (or girls') first cream pie. It was only by happy accident that I stumbled upon it (in 1972) during an illicit record listening session at a school mate’s house – a group of us were wagging school this afternoon. Search for: Close Menu. I have never managed to find much – if any – meaning in the things I’ve done for money. Who would not welcome such a guest? “I’m depending on my labour The texture and the flavour” – Your actions, the creation. He had been introduced to it by his older sister. Strange, but in all the times I’ve listened to this song, I’d never really pondered on the lyrics until the TV doco – even though I know them by heart: There’s wheat in the field And water in the stream And salt in the mine And an aching in me. So we’re really in much the same place. My boyfriend is a chef and i love to bake and we both love this song both figuratively and literally! The only point for me has been the pay cheque at the end of the fortnight and getting through the working day as quickly and smoothly as possible to the freedom that begins with clocking-off and ends with clocking on again. Who would not welcome such a guest? I’ve been in Vietnam for a month and am only now catching up on replying to blog comments. Just a bit chuffed at that news. . One that bakes bread, cakes, or pastries, especially commercially. It was supposed to be called "Little Greenback," like in money, but the seven-inch single debut was misprinted by publisher label Negram. Mind you, it’s a topic that could be elaborated upon almost infinitely. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. And in a sense, it's bang up to date at the same time. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. “When thinking of love Love is thinking for me” – Love, the lover and the loved become one! The Song of Songs, then, describes a lover and his beloved rejoicing in each other's sexuality in a garden. Definition of Ma Baker in the Definitions.net dictionary. Why did they finally ‘speak’ to me this time, and with such emotional impact? OTOH, I can’t help feeling a sense of inadequacy in not pushing self-analysis to the point of committing to some kind of meaningful career at some point. The silent sharing of that first sample with my partner, almost solemn, as if it were a host, and the review that follows – a treasured ritual, now, that is part of our lives.”. Lyrics to 'Song of a Baker' by Small Faces. It’s affirming to receive a comment like yours. I had no idea this post heads the search list for Song of a Baker. (besides being a not-so-large carryable container made of cloth or plastic in the color green...) Regards, Evert. It is that great X factor, love. 1 in Australia and South Africa, hit No. A cook? Your night train is coming and you have to be on time on the station, so got to keep on running! A cook. Unfashionable in some quarters to say so, but that’s my view and I’m stickin’ to it! In fact, it’s largely irrelevant IMO. Other comments on other posts came in and pushed yours outta sight and outta mind. Except that it’s not really a secret. L'histoire militaire en vidéo . While the potential for individual interpretation is an essential quality of art, I have no patience for the dumbed down populist assertion that there is no standard other than “I like it”, “I don’t like it” and “whatever you want it to mean is OK.” To an extent this is fine, but there are such things as good and bad art, and educated opinions. General CommentI love the fact that this song is a kind of prayer. I have always felt the same way, the same freedom upon stepping outside the door and still do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akBJLlgt0bc, https://www.booktopia.com.au/country-women-s-association-cookbook-country-womens-association/book/9781741963595.html, Installing Solar PV Panels – The Figures Don’t Add Up, BUT….