It will be cheaper if you just leak the refrigerator. Step 5: Verify the read-outs. To fix your car's air conditioning system first you have to find out what is wrong with it. The AC’s compressor isn’t able to create a high enough pressure in the system for the refrigerant to cool properly. Non-operating AC does not mean that the AC itself is broken, or a condenser or a fan. For this, you need a machine. It’s actually very easy to find if your AC is leaking refrigerant. Cars. At the same time, a fan blows across the fins of the evaporator chilling the air that goes into the passenger cabin. Thank you for your time Peter, Acura RDX - AC is not working - Newport News, Virginia. Locate the condenser fan. I am a passionate about cars and their maintenance. Here is a list of some typical problems: The coolant has lost its effectiveness due to exposure to the extreme heat of the engine, road debris, dirt, vibrations, quick stops, and even run-ins with curbs. Working on your car can be dangerous and messy, ... How To Recharge Your Car's Air Conditioner. A blocked/broken condenser can cause a leak. Being inside a car during a summer heat wave increases the risk of a heat stroke. April 9, 2018. Will I refer him? It is normal for the compressor to cycle on and off, however if it is not cycling at all or if it is cycling on/off rapidly (within a couple of seconds) you may be low on refrigerant. Anyone could have told me its a $1,200 repair and I wouldn’t have known differently. You can save up some money by fixing it yourself. The refrigerant then passes through a drier to filter out any moisture before returning to the compressor to begin the process again.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'carcarehacks_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_4',105,'0','0'])); Now that we got that out of the way, here are the most common reasons why your car AC is not working: It’s actually very easy to find if your AC is leaking refrigerant. Leaks are commonly found at the condenser (due to it’s location being right behind the car’s grill and in turn subject to rocks and other road debris puncturing it) but leaks can also appear where pipe fittings and hoses come together. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. Most vehicles today have one multi-speed fan that blows air through a series of ducts and vents based on the driver’s selection in their climate control system. This is the second time he’s worked on vehicles for me and each time was an excellent experience. Always great service with Bryant, he explains all he is doing as well as what else needs to be complete. The most common causes when car AC is not blowing cold air are an empty AC system, faulty air compressor, faulty AC pressure switch, and a clogged cabin filter. Not only will they help you diagnose the problem, but they will also help you have a better grasp on the workings of your car’s AC system, resulting in a repair that is not only speedy but accurate. The labor is anywhere from $322-$805. Step 2: Locate the pressure ports. Make sure you have the required tools before starting your work. These kinds of leaks are unable to be seen and will need to be inspected by a certified mechanic, such as one from Disconnect the condenser. Your car has a cabin air filter that is supposed to keep anything out of the... Hi there: In many cases, the failure of the blower motor to actually blow air into the cabin is caused by a blower motor resistor. These electrical issues are not as common as a refrigerant leak, but they still happen. What a great experience. Even if you have recharged your AC, the issue in other car machinery can affect its working too. These different speeds are usually controlled through a set of resistors or a small computer module which is controlled by the … Several problems can arise with your AC. This is a very common issue, and the symptoms are pretty clear. Reasons car AC not working: Work normally but has an unpleasant odor (photo source: Caused by the car to long-term passenger dust with impurities such as sweat, garbage, cigarette smell, fragrance, food smell … in the corners of the car interior. Car manufacturers recommend carrying out an air conditioning service every two years in order to keep your air conditioning working at optimum level. The AC system is a completely separate entity; the only connection it has to the engine is at the compressor pulley, which derives its power from the crankshaft. Cars What to Do If Your Car AC Stops Working. Typically you will see oily dirt around the joints or area of the leak. Very honest.... Will I use him again? Thank you Matt, Jeep Patriot - AC is not working - Indianapolis, Indiana. READ … But, people generally face this issue. Joined: 15 Nov 2017 Messages: 107 Thanks Received: 3 Country: Hello all, My car AC stopped working. And if you enjoy the freedom to have the repair done at home or work, you can find someone just like that with, The most popular service booked by readers of this article is AC is not working Inspection. If it smells like oil, then it’s oil. Now we will go under the hood and check the AC belt. Start with the fan speed turned to its highest setting. Step 4: Check the fuses. A faulty blower fan can make the car ac stopped working suddenly. This fix will require some tools that not everyone has at our homes. The condenser is converting the refrigerant coming from the compressor. This is a component that you don’t want to fail. If your car AC turns on and starts to blow hot air, it could be because of the components that I mentioned above. A faulty ac accumulator filter drier can be diagnosed with these symptoms: The Ac accumulator has a price range of $41-$103. The heater, however, is a different story. When the car ac is not blowing air from vents it is a sign of a faulty blower fan or air duct blockage. If you notice a huge pool of refrigerant in the morning, you must act fast or all of your refrigerants will leak out. He checked for leaks first … This is done by using the airflow that comes through your car when driving. Now however, you do have more information you can pass on to your mobile mechanic, for a quicker, more accurate repair. But, people generally face this issue. Make sure that you are very careful when working on the AC. It’s well over 95 degrees and your car just won’t cool off. Made with ♥ in Silicon Valley. Remove the AC lines that lead to the condenser. So, let’s find out why the car AC not blowing cold air after recharge. Here are six common reasons why your car’s air conditioning may not be working. Visually inspect the AC compressor. You need to watch out for the warning signs something is wrong with the system. Your Your car’s air conditioning system helps keep you and your passengers cool and comfortable during hot weather. When you encounter an ac not working issue, most drivers automatically think their ac system is low on refrigerant. Make sure you have the required tools before starting your work. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Ambient Temperature Sensor (Switch). Your air conditioning system uses a refrigerant liquid to absorb heat, turning it into a gas. Lightning and USB-C cords are not required. Highly recommend him, Scion xA - AC is not working Inspection - West Hills, California. This may cost you anywhere from $150-$800. Or the system may be damaged due to aging pipes, leaks or openings. This is a separate part from the compressor and can be serviced separately. This site is owned and operated by Igor Iwanowski. In the morning, … And the wide open throttle switch costs $13-$20. It’s a nightmare to find your AC not blowing cool air in burning summers. If you discover bad fuses or relays, it is important to replace them and recheck your AC for performance. If not, if it has that freon/refrigerant smell, you got yourself a leaky AC.