Dean Kamen, creator of the high-tech scooter that was banned in San Francisco, introduced his latest creation Thursday — a portable water purifier that he hopes will save millions of people around the world who suffer from shortages of fresh water. Kamen holds over 1,000 patents. Share. Dean Kamen shares some of his inventions and ideas at TEDMED 2010. His father, Jack ... Kamen was cautious about predicting the success of his water purifier, nicknamed the Slingshot. by Flemming Funch Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway scooter, and many other interesting things, introduced last Thursday a portable water purifier that he hopes will save millions of people around the world from shortages of fresh water. Kamen's caution is understandable. Kamen and his company, DEKA Research, partnered with The Coca-Cola Company to conduct trials of the SlingShot technology in Ghana and Paraguay. SlingShot traces the story of Dean Kamen’s water purification machine from its earliest development through recent trials in … But its potential is much greater. Slingshot Water Purifier Demoed By Dean Kamen Meets Stephen Colbert’s Challenge To Make Something Stop Tasting Like Doritos Filed Under: Better Living Through Chemistry , Video The Slingshot Water Filter Even Removes Doritos: It is a 100 pound device which requires little maintenance and uses no chemicals or filters. 2) Dean Kamen invented the “Slingshot” water purifier and with the help of giant Coca Cola, is distributing them across the developing world to provide safe, clean water. See how prolific inventor Dean Kamen is tackling this problem with his water-purifying Slingshot. Dean Kamen, American inventor who created the Segway, a motorized device that allowed passengers to travel at up to 20 km (12.5 miles) per hour. Kamen is also the co-inventor of a compressed air device that would launch a human into the air. Water Purifier Dean Kamen. Powered by a Stirling engine running on a combustible fuel source, it claims to be able to produce drinking water from almost any source by means of vapor compression distillation, requires no … His research and development company also developed such innovative products as a portable kidney dialysis machine. At this point Dean Kamen is used to being called naive. His inventions help people in need and ease suffering. There has been much buzz about the water-purifying machine that Segway inventor Dean Kamen demonstrated on the … Dean Kamen, Inventor of Medical Technology. The Slingshot water purifier; Kamen's Stirling engine; The iBOT W wheelchair based on the technology used in the Segway. Image Credit: “Slingshot,” Paul Lazarus. Slingshot is a water purification device created by inventor Dean Kamen. Dean Kamen’s Water Purifier WATER BREAKTHROUGH. But no one cares. Playing next. Colbert and Kamen Solve the World’s Water Problems. Coca-Cola’s Ekocenter are all-inclusive, installable bodegas that house medical equipment and a “Slingshot” model. Dean Lawrence Kamen (born April 5, 1951) is an American engineer, inventor, and businessman. In 2014, the film SlingShot was released, which showed Kamen's quest to use his machine to fix the world's water crisis. On Sept. 29, Dean Kamen—the maverick inventor behind the Segway and the first wearable insulin pump for diabetics, and the multimillionaire founder of DEKA Research & … Browse more videos. Dean Kamen - famous for the invention of the Segway W, the two-wheeled transport using a gyroscope for balance - has also developed: . Dean Kamen's Water Purifier. Here’s what motivated Dean Kamen to create the Slingshot Water Purifier Clean Water, if we can get rid of bad water and we can wipe out half of all medical diseases and save 8 million children per year! The inventor of the Segway, Dean Kamen is known in the scientific community for developing medical equipment. Dean Kamen - Inventor: SlingShot Big Think Interview With Dean Kamen Dean Kamen is an inventor, an entrepreneur, and a tireless advocate for science and technology. Slingshot Inventor Dean Kamen’s Revolutionary Clean Water Machine data-server-hbs-enabled="false"> Slingshot Inventor Dean Kamen’s Revolutionary Clean Water Machine. Kamen claims the Slingshot can take nearly any source of moisture--including ocean water, urine or sewage--and quickly turn it into safe drinking water. Inventor of the Slingshot water purifier, Dean Kamen set out to find a way to utilize wasted energy created by an electric generator that he designed. Undeterred by the failure of the Segway, Dean Kamen is onstage with his next big production: a box that burns cow manure to purify water. The result was the Slingshot, an energy efficient water purifier that costs very little to operate. He knew that existing purification systems, mostly based on filtration, weren’t exacting enough to meet his needs, so he looked to distillation. Kamen at Whiteman Air Force Base on April 26, 2016. Recent projects include portable energy and water purification for the developing world, and a prosthetic arm for maimed soldiers. Tag: dean kamen water purifier Ionized Water Ionized Water We ( bring Kangen water (Alkalized Water) to India with its Benefits which are Hydration, Micro Clustering, Free Radical Scavenging, Encouraging Longevity, Detoxification, Toxic-free Cleaning, Hygiene, and Green. 30,000 children die needlessly every day and over half of them could be saved if they had clean drinking water. 30,000 children die needlessly every day and over half of them could be saved if they had clean drinking water. Dean Kamen "Water In The Box" Slingshot Water Purifier Thinking. Kamen’s instinct: Invent a medical-grade water purifier, so that patients could use water from their faucets as the base for their dialysis solution. By Brian Braiker On 4/4/08 at 8:00 PM EDT . Born: April 5, 1951 (age 69). Rockville Centre, New York, US. . Water Purifier. The undistinguished looking box stands about waist high, weighs less than 140 kgs and has all the charm of a motel icemaker. The inventor of the Segway and more now has an idea worth tens of millions of lives. The name is a reference to the story of David and Goliath — to Kamen, waterborne disease is a Goliath of a problem, and technology is the slingshot. SlingShot: Inventor Dean Kamen's 15-Year Quest to Solve the World’s Safe Water Crisis By. With Dean Kamen. Biography of Dean Kamen inventor of the Segway, iBOT, and the water purifier called Slingshot, for elementry and middle school students. Dean Kamen was born in 1951, in Rockville Center, Long Island, New York. When Kamen asked Coke for help distributing his water purifier, Coke challenged Kamen to develop a better soda fountain first. Well, actually, it hasn’t made a splash yet, and it’s got a long way to go before it may. Dean Kamen has unveiled the latest iteration of his power and water package for the third world. Demonstrated last week on the Colbert Report, Kamen’s Slingshot is a vapor compression distillation water purifier, capable of filtering absolutely anything (according to Kamen) out of water without filters, charcoal, or other replaceable parts. The $1500 water purifier will produce 1000 liters of water a day, while the $3,700 generator produces around 1 kW, … Veteran filmmaker, Paul Lazarus, has long experience making mainstream television shows and documentaries. By Lev Grossman. The two components are a water purifier called Slingshot that uses a fraction of the power of alternatives and a Stirling engine based power generator that works on cow dung. Kamen has a patent on his water purifier, and other patents pending. Learn more about Kamen’s life and work. Biographies for children. Dean Kamen. But he says his latest work “Slingshot”—a short film on Dean Kamen’s Slingshot water purification system—is “the first documentary I’ve ever been involved in where the work we’re doing has the capacity to impact the story itself.” Fun online educational games and worksheets are provided free for each biography. "I'm getting neurotic about people overhyping things," he says, "so let me tell you what it doesn't do." Report. Dean Kamen is our modern equivalent of say Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla. It was still costly to produce, but it was small, weighing about one hundred pounds, and it could run on almost any fuel, including wood, grass, or cow dung SlingShot focuses on noted Segway inventor Dean Kamen and his work to solve the world's water crisis. Dean Kamen, who invented the Segway and several groundbreaking medical devices, has put a decade of work into a water purifier that he calls the “Slingshot.” This idea worth tens of millions of lives. Dean Kamen, the man who brought us the Segway, has just such a solution in the form of a water purification device called the Slingshot. Dean Kamen's Water Purifier | The Future Is Now. An eccentric genius with a provocative world view, Kamen is an inspiration for future scientists. Dean Kamen's first invention 02:17. Which is a good thing, especially for the hundreds of millions of people throughout the world without access to clean water. The name is a reference to the story of David and Goliath -- to Kamen, waterborne disease is a Goliath of a problem, and technology is the slingshot [source: Richardson ]. ; I thought the moral of the David and Goliath story was this little guy won because he had a really neat piece of technology. Tech & Science. Dean Kamen, who invented the Segway and several groundbreaking medical devices, has put a decade of work into a water purifier that he calls the "Slingshot." He is known for his invention of the Segway and iBOT, as well as founding the non-profit organization FIRST with Woodie Flowers. How Dean Kamen's Magical Water Machine Could Save the World. Dean Kamen landed in the limelight with the Segway, but he has been innovating since high school, with more than 150 patents under his belt. Directed by Paul Lazarus.