nice blog – just some small correction. There are many kinds of chlebíčky, soups etc. This soup is said to be the number one hangover cure. Czech Republic is world-known for its rich history and incredible beer. The most widely available and cheapest lettuce is butterhead lettuce, known locally as hlávkový salát.Iceberg lettuce (ledový salát) can be found in larger stores.It’s usually more expensive than the butterhead and often sold wrapped in plastic. One of the strangest is coppa di testa, also known as soppressata, which in English is called “headcheese”. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. We also receive our presents at 24 th, on the Christmas Eve after the dinner.Tradition is that we build up our Christmas tree on 23th Dec, but these days everybody is busy and people build up the … I haven’t quite decided what the criteria for distinguishing a ‘local-style’ place is yet, but if it’s in anyway intimidating then it almost certainly counts. I just hate the taste of poppy seeds. For the uninitiated, tvaroh is called “quark” in English, but I don’t think Americans will have ever heard about it. I did a post on American food here. Beer cheese (Pivní sýr) […] I discovered a vegan version of svíčková, the Czech national dish […], […] So what are the best options from the countries I’ve visited so far? In the weirdest places (to me)! weird meaning: 1. very strange and unusual, unexpected, or not natural: 2. very strange and unusual, unexpected…. You have to try makový závin. Share 1.4K 330 points Since it’s usually fresh and homemade, it’s nothing like lard. Here is the list of 7 known and rather weird traditions, customs, and superstitions. money). Tripe soup (Dršťková polévka) What weird Czech food do you like the best? Khash – … Really? A staple in Czech cuisine, this sandwich is usually served during parties and social gatherings and feature a variety of toppings such as egg, ham, salami, pickles, and cucumber. You must try czech “pig killing” specialities Jelito ( mixture of blood, liver, lungs, skin, fat …) in pig colon (well washed) and then boiled. Oh, tatarák, my mortal enemy. It sounds like a bad joke. Change ). Creamy carrot and vegetable sauce. I didn’t know the name of that dish (buchtičky), but I also can’t eat it. The only cardinal rule is to NOT eat them with your hands or to spread butter on them, no matter how much the dumplings floating in your gul áš (goulash) remind you of English muffins. SHARE TWEET SHARE. It’s like the Danish version of Czech chlebíček, which means at its most basic it’s an open-faced sandwich. I ate it once with plum jam (povidla), above. Daddy always buys like half a kilo of meat (sometimes more and we invite neighbours) and we spent the whole evening eating it and drinking wine. Consider this a public service and an education to save you from shock when you come across these, the 50 weirdest foods from around the world. Lard was cheap, processed and canned pig fat that we used before the modern health crazes hit. ( Log Out /  I’d like another opportunity to try it. And raw roulade looks a like a raw small bird ready to be cooked. Olomouc cheese (Olomoucké tvarůžky) In CZ, accept invitations to go mushrooming, learn to ski or ballroom dance, and even eat a traditional raw meat dish. Also jitrnice (quite same as “jelito”, but without blood and with bread roll (žemle). Unfortunately I’m serious! If only we could solve the mystery of why it’s Spanish…. I like secondhand books, dangly earrings, drinking massive amounts of coffee, and ginkgo trees. Weird … I fear that despite everything, I can never belong here just because of this one fact XD. Vegetables such as carrots, peas, and cabbage are consumed daily. Served up with various sauces to add flavour or simply with an accompaniment like onions. ( Log Out /  (and the holiday when we shamelessly eat everything in sight and then take a nap while football plays on the TV), I obviously have to talk about Czech food. – for dinner. And I’m officially hungry. Eaten with dumplings so no sauce goes to waste. I must disagree with the suggestion that Czechs put eggs in everything. It will make me sick, won’t it? Learn more. When I finally do go to the pig killing, there has to be a rule that no one will tell me what the food is, or I won’t eat it . Slovak Christmas lasts three days. Avid traveler, former ESL teacher, freelance writer. Learn more. I already hate sausage, so it wasn’t high on my list. I was thinking the other day, that the Czech kitchen offers some weird dishes (see for yourself!). I especially love traveling. Soups (Polévky) Garlic soup (Česneková polévka or česnečka) This soup is said to be the number one hangover cure. (Well, she wouldn’t believe I’d eat tatarák either, but I […], […] On the left: an assortment of pork meat with škvarkový dumplings. Take me with you next time and feed me these delicious foods! It’s eaten with bread or fried with fries or potatoes most of the time (BTW there’s a sweets shop in Olomouc where you can buy really weird stuff :)) ). Get ready to practice some serious hygge this wintry weekend with … by Tanja. 1. The original šunkofleky weren’t made of bowtie pasta or other funny shapes but rather flat pasta squares (cut egg noodles or whatever); fleky=flecks. You’ll think it came straight out of your grandma’s kitchen – even if your grandma isn’t Czech! In CZ we are in the habit of taking sandwiches, schnitzels (for longer trips), or at least some fruit. And most importantly, many families keep the tradition of Sunday lunch every week without […], […] Bad news though, because even *love* is slowly being adopted into Czech marketing. Tripe soup (Dršťková polévka) Svíčkova (Beef “candle” dish) Ah, beef tenderloin. There’s certainly cold weather to match, but not as cold maybe as two years […], […] Do I have to talk more about how delicious Czech food is?