This is because the entire weight of your vehicle is dependent on the strength of your wheel assembly. In other words, wheel adapters are added to the wheel assembly to increase how far they stick out from your vehicle, increasing its track width. Ever since I turned old enough to drive, I have driven as many vehicles as possible, while teaching myself how to perform maintenance and upgrade work on every vehicle I've owned. Rather than spend thousands of dollars more on different wheels, spacers can correct this issue at a fraction of the cost. If the scrub radius of your car is negative. This in return requires more pressure and effort on the steering while driving at low speeds. If you like a specific set of tires, but they do not match the wheel hub of your car, then wheel spacers could help you. How Do They Work? Wheels spacers widen the surface area of your vehicle, which would also widen the track of your vehicle while turning. If any of these upgrades are incorrectly calculated, and you find that any type of fitment issue arises, wheel spacers can provide an inexpensive remedy. So, you need to install them at all the tires. Installing wheel spacers increases the surface area of the vehicle. All Right Reserved. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. It is positive, negative, or zero. Though spacers are not usually critical components, they often serve as correctional devices, expand compatibility options, or serve to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Pushing your wheels outwards means that you’ll be widening this distance. The wheels of your car would be out of the mainframe of the vehicle, giving it a unique and stylish look. They appeared to be mounted perfectly flat. It is positive, negative, or zero. What Problems Can You Face? Thread starter razzyrazz; Start date Aug 25, 2019; Watchers 12 Prev. This may also cause damage to both your new brakes and wheels. So, we think that it’s clear to you that wheel spacers are totally safe to use and they do not cause any harm to your vehicle. Why Might You Want to Avoid Wheel Spacers? spacers affect scrub radius by inducing an effective negative offset to the wheels which then affects the scrub radius. The “scrub radius” describes the angle at the lever. Installing wheel spacers could make the scrub radius become zero. It's not a 1:1 ratio so whether the scrub radius lands +/- or neutral really depends on the new tires, lift and/or spacers. As mentioned earlier, the major use of wheel spacers is to avoid the rubbing of wheels over the wheel hub assembly in cars having wider tires and custom made cars. Often the bolt pattern, improper torque value on lugs and bolts, etc, and most commonly improper installation of the wheel spacers lead to its failure. Personally I don't care about ABS on my Land Rover, but it could matter to someone. I just pulled my 1.5" spidertrax spacers and ran with my stock rims (14 rubicon that had just been aligned ie toe in set) the alignment was done prior to pulling spacers and I was actually surprised how much better it drove without the spacers which leads me to believe that scrub radius makes a big difference. Spacers can allow for wheel assembly components and your brake or suspension upgrades to remain intact by moving the wheels away from your upgraded components. Cons: 1. The only reason that may bend the studs would be due to loose bolts or improper torquing of the lug nuts. If you do not know how to install them, already have them improperly installed by either yourself or someone else, or you do not have a clear idea of why you want or need them (and might not really need them in reality), they can be detrimental to your vehicle’s performance and could pose a safety risk to you and others. Just as wheel adapters have their own set of benefits, there are almost as many reasons to avoid them, and there are just as many experts who advise against them as there are those who advocate for them. But 20mm is plenty. Instead, they do the opposite, if installed properly. Best Trunk Organizer – Buying Guide and Top Products for 2020, 51 Things to Keep in Your Car – Some Essential, Some Optional, All Useful, Best Car Neck Pillow – For Pain Relief and Comfort on the Road. Spacers often cause suspension problems and vibrations, sometimes its the spacer itself, but most of the time it is because you've changed the scrub radius of the suspension by changing the wheel offset with the ditching the spacer and replacing it with an aftermarket wheel with the net same offset as the spacer produced is going to result in the same scrub radius that is causing the suspension … They are installed between the holding bracket of the vehicle and the wheel. Wheel spacers increase the scrub radius as the tire track becomes wider, making your vehicle less maneuverable. This is because the wheels are pushed out of the mainframe of the vehicle after installing the wheel spacers. The options i have that clear the brembos are 18×9.0+25, 18×10.0+35, 18×10.5+15, 18×10.5+25. Any kind of aftermarket parts you could add to your vehicle always pose the risk of incorrect fitment.