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Studying a dual award degree allows you to obtain 2 graduating certificates — 1 from a Malaysian institution and 1 from an overseas institution. Our flexible curriculum accommodates students with diverse interests. Accreditation, Desirae Cesar (New students are encouraged to consider the ASCS or BSE in Computer Science degrees, which, starting in 2020, offer a concentration in Cognitive Science. Core Requirements (7) 1. Dual degrees in Computer Science allow students to pursue a master’s degree in combination with undergraduate studies. Phone: 215-898-3191 You’ll become fluent in the languages of computer science and management, and will graduate with unique and complementary skill sets in … The program’s high scientific standards serve to educate high-quality researchers, instructors, and innovators in the field of Computer Science. M.S. UCLA offers full-time MBA students 8 concurrent degrees, including law, medicine, computer science and more ... For admission to the MBA program, concurrent degree applicants are evaluated as part of the entire MBA applicant pool. Students must meet all the requirements for both degrees. Program in Computer Science, students experience the advantages of collaborative research between top-tier research institutions. program with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Information on the BA/MS dual-degree program in Computer Science. Regardless of your career plans beyond completion of your technical master’s degree, you will at some point be working for or with a business — whether the Fortune 500, a small startup or your own venture. Non-SCS students: CMU students in majors outside of SCS can apply for transfer into the Computer Science major or a dual degree in Computer Science using this online form. To earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from UIC, students need to complete university, college, and department degree requirements. Program Spotlight B.S. Students can complete the requirements for 2 degrees, subject to the requirements set by the university. Computer and Cognitive Science Dual Degree So I can give you a few things that I observe from them. Computer Science is far more than just programming and no other science or engineering discipline has had a greater impact in such diverse areas as commerce, communication, entertainment, finance, medicine, the social sciences, the physical sciences and the life sciences. Quickly earn a second degree in computer science to retrain into a computer science career (potentially 43 credit hours of computer science courses) Curriculum. To help students manage their registration and course requirements, the Journalism and Computer Scienc… in Computer Science. Major requirements. The department offers a dual degree for students to receive a B.S. CSCI-UA.0201 Computer Systems Organization (Fall / Spring) prerequisite: CSCI-UA.0102 4. A lot of guys are always looking for CS, and I know many people who got offers from certain groups or switched entire product groups simply because they had a CS background. IT degrees from top tech schools allow students to fix complex problems better and faster. Engineering & Computer Science Dual Degree (B.E & B.Sc) - 5 years. Students with an interest in both areas can pursue a dual BSE program in Electrical and Computer Engineering and thus can earn two BSE degrees at the same time: BSE degree in Electrical Engineering; BSE degree in Computer Engineering; The dual degree program requires specified coursework that equals a minimum of 141 total credits. It allows the students to concurrently earn credit for some graduate courses while working on their undergraduate degree, reducing the total hours needed for the subsequent MS degree by up to 12 credit hours. The computer science double major (or at least a minor) could help you get an S&T offer, but it's true power is allowing you to pick your group. Program Offerings Submatriculation This program combines studies in computer science and engineering with linguistics, mathematics, philosophy or psychology, and receive a BSE or BAS degree from Penn Engineering and Bachelor of Arts from the College of Arts and Sciences. Advising degrees, Save time and money toward earning an M.S. Dual Award Degree. Dual Degree programs allow Queen’s Commerce, Applied Science and Nursing students to complete an Arts and Science General Degree concurrently as they are working towards the completion of their primary degree in their home Faculty/School. Email:, Laura Fox No matter the industry, company or department, every organization is seeking professionals with computer science skills who can drive innovation to foster growth. Students considering a transfer or dual degree are expected to earn at least a 3.6 QPA in 15-122, 15-150, 15-210, 15-213, 15-251 and 21-127, and have an overall 3.0 QPA. The CS+ program is built upon the bachelor of arts in computer science, which requires 120 credit hours of total coursework: 24 credit hours of core curriculum coursework Networked & Social Systems Engineering Prepare for success in one of the world’s fastest-growing professions with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree … Students in the BSc program can pursue a dual degree in: Science and Arts (BSc and BA) Undergraduate Curriculum Chair Dual Degree Instructions. A student in the Joint MS/MBA Degree Program who has matriculated and begun studies in the Computer Science Department but has not yet begun studies at the GSB will be considered an MBA student with a plus (i.e., "MBA+"). The special feature of the dual variant is the close integration with practical work. 412-268-2565 Doctoral Program in Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization This unique interdisciplinary doctoral program in Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization draws on Carnegie Mellon's strengths in … Students accepted to the Joint Program will explore the synergy between the two professional schools and combine the … (Security & Privacy Concentration) Degree Requirements, M.S. If you choose to pursue this Dual Degree, you’ll transform into a professional who has the unique ability to connect the world of tech and the global business landscape. In Computer Science By enrolling in the dual degree Ph.D. Earn two undergraduate degrees from top-ranked universities, expand your career options and learn Mandarin – the world’s most widely spoken first language. Dual MSCS Degree … Dual Degrees in the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. For example, a basic concentration requires 48 credits (12 courses), of which Mathematics 1a and/or Mathematics 1b can be waived, depending on placement, to reduce the number to 44 or 40 credits (11 or 10 courses). MATH-UA.0… CSCI-UA.0101 Introduction to Computer Science (Fall / Spring) prerequisite: CSCI-UA.0002 or CSCI-UA.0003 or placement exam 2. Undergraduate Research A dual degree Pittsburgh-Portugal PhD program in Computer Science is also offered. A dual degree offers qualified students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science and a concurrent degree. stipend likely for the year of graduate studies, Use HOPE and/or Pell Grant funds for the 12 credit hours counting toward both your B.S. in Computer Science. Students with a computer science major who are also interested in software engineering are able to receive both a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science and a Master of Software Engineering (MSE) from UW-La Crosse. The department offers a dual degree for students to receive a B.S. Students in the program receive the B.S. Office: 309 Levine Minor in CS Dual Degree Program in Computer Science and Master of Software Engineering. The Department of Computer Science degree requirements are outlined below. Computer science skills are in high demand across a wide array of industries and professional positions. J.D./M.S. After completing this Dual Degree program, you’ll be able to work in the industry of your choice, from consumer goods and manufacturing to government and NGOs. The department offers CAS students a dual five-year B.S./B.S. The dual degree consists of 45 total credit hours: 21 credit hours from the Engineering Management Program (EMP) 24 credit hours from the Computer Science Program* The objective is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and perspective of computer science and business, and the unique opportunities created by combining them. See our commitment to UBC Science students and connect with Science Advising online or by phone. Dual undergraduate/graduate programs enable admitted undergraduate students to begin taking specified graduate courses during their senior year and count the coursework toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. A student in the CIS and DS dual degree program must enter the Computer Science (CS) concentration of the BS-CIS. degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering from NYU Tandon. With a computer science degree, professionals can work in software engineering, web development, computer programming, information security, and software development. Report accessibility issues and get help, SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE, DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCE, 3330 Walnut Street | Levine Hall | Philadelphia, PA 19104-6309 | 215-898-8560, Contact us with questions about admissions or academic programs | For website issues, email the webmaster, A Department of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Computer and Cognitive Science Dual Degree. To help you advance your career quickly, we’ve teamed with the Leeds School of Business and the Engineering Management Program to offer dual degrees that help you earn two … For example, some courses may count toward both degrees, or some may be waived entirely so that the student can complete the Dual Degree Program in a shorter time. Program Options Phone: 215-573-2582 Use Google Translate to read our site in your language. Tutoring Six graduate hours can be taken by students in their senior year, and be counted toward both the undergraduate and MS degrees. Internships + Jobs Students must meet the following minimum requirements to qualify: Advantages to completing a computer science dual degree at GSU: Refer to the College of Arts & Sciences Dual Degree Programs site to obtain information about how to apply or contact Ms. Rene Mondy at Ph.D. This program was created for engineers looking to advance their knowledge in the engineering field, while at the same time develop the kind of business and management skills that will open up new doors of professional opportunity. and an M.A., simultaneously. Computer Science + Philosophy Dual Degree. Dual Degree in Computer and Cognitive Science (New students are encouraged to consider the ASCS or BSE in Computer Science degrees, which, starting in 2020, offer a concentration in Cognitive Science. Contact us with questions about admissions or academic programs | For website issues, email the webmaster The dual degree program in Journalism and Computer Science prepares students for robust opportunities in both fields, including designing and building platforms, algorithms and applications for journalism or pursuing research and development work in computer science related to journalism, natural language processing and the digital humanities. With SFU’s dual degree program (DDP) in computing science, you’ll gain the skills you need to become a leading light in … Computer Science majors who have an interest in the connections between AI and philosophy of mind, learning the symbolic logic behind coding or delving into debates around the ethics of algorithms are encouraged to explore the CS + Philosophy dual degree plan. This CIS and CIA dual degree program enables students to earn two degrees, i.e., BS-CIS and BS-CIA, at the same time.
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