YES ITS WRONG IF SHE HAS ALL THAT MEDICINE AND NOT TAKING IT BUT STORING IT AND ONLY DOING THIS TO RECIEVE MONEY WHILE PEOPLE LIKE ME ARE SUFFERING!!!!!!!!! I’ve never been told that i’m lazy. When the depression hit, he’d sit off in a corner by himself barely speaking to anyone for several days. I’m reading up on bi-polar disorder a lot lately–my friend is in the midst of his latest (9th? You are not only a danger to me, you are a danger to yourself. Adderall Induces Mania. not necessarily true. Someone is going to take you up on your verbal threats and possibly hurt you. It is so short acting that you can take it a second time if you awaken in the middle of night. And so are severities. I am a strong advocate of the commitment to a combination of therapy & lifelong medication for those with Bipolar Disorder. One is simple freedom. Well written, DJ. (Note that if you’re cycling, any type of antidepressant, pharmacological or not, can be dangerous. Could it be because their brains are working better as evidenced by proper insight and choices directed at maximizing function and quality relationships. There is also one other possibility: undiagnosed mental illnesses that trigger your bipolar. I’ve been in inpatient hospital twice, in two different states, and various trips to ER. They don’t see what happens behind closed doors so they don’t know me at all! Good therapeutic relationships, diet, exercise, etc. Why People with Bipolar Disorder Don't Take Their Medications. I feel that being forced to take medicine would be relevant in this situation. If you are in a situation like this, you can look at our legal pages on consent to treatment for more guidance on your legal rights regarding treatment, and what steps you can take to challenge decisions. But still often affected to some degree. It was under control for the most part, but of course there were breakthroughs that I didn’t understand. Most of the time, in my experience and from people I know, the REASON things aren’t working is because they are either misdiagnosed, or are missing a diagnosis. I’m one of the people he is trying to get money from presently. to transfer. I am bipolar, have chronic migraines, and doing IVF. Understanding bipolar disorder medication Bipolar disorder is a serious, chronic mental health condition that involves having extreme mood swings. She goes to see her psychiatrist each month in order to continue to receive her benefits. You may initially be diagnosed with clinical depression before you have a manic episode (sometimes years later), after which you may be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I hate taking pills. I did it not for me but for my husband and kids. This is a great question because it may not be easy to tell. I learned a very long time ago that no one can take responsibility for a person’s mental health except himself and I also learned that we need to respect that if there is to be any peace. A friend of mine got manic in the hospital, and he said he had a horrible experience staying in the hospital. So Laura’s law, while perfectly sound, doesn’t apply well here. Thankfully that didn’t happen to us, but I was so distraught with grief and confusion. I have been through a lot. I urge you to put … it can make you gain weight but i have only gained 2kg which isnt much. If you are still feeling unstable on what you are taking, then you are taking medication that doesn’t work. Can you do it if you’re disorganized or ugly? We recognize that children have limited ability to make informed choices because of limited brain function/development. My husband has always been the one monitoring my meds and keeping up with what’s what and when and if at all and need to take certain meds. We will send you not to mid-state first, but to the county hospital, or to jail. If you were raped or beaten in a hospital setting, maybe its PTSD, I don’t know. And will cause unnecesary trauma. and I wonder if I have borderline” or something like that. But what about those unable to recognize their illness, because of the illness itself (anosognosia)? I don't want to gain weight or breakout or have anymore side effects. You may think that one county over might accept patients from this county. (If they have totally lost touch with reality they may not be able to choose, but once they are stable on a medication, they should be allowed to change medications or doctors if they choose. Antidepressants can help manage the symptoms of bipolar depression. But different things work for different people. But the stupid assistant I HAVE TO SEE every month doesn’t seem to get that this is not a medication fits all illness! So instead of saying “there is no hope” (which is probably depression talking anyway) try to see if you can figure out whether or not you have been misdiagnosed or if a mental illness has been missed. Lack of money. While she was there, she learned that she had had severe anxiety for years and never knew it. We understand the challenges involved in finding – and fine-tuning – the bipolar disorder medications that are best for YOU. What I can comment on is that people with Bipolar … Why must it be so different because of some arbitrary age such as 18 particularly when evidence supports significant brain dysfunction precluding proper choices and freedom? no way to talk to someone in an office. I am not kidding when I state that if you are severly disabled by your mental illness you need to be put on a med regiem and be subject to Laura’s Law, especially if you are in my particular space with it. i’ve never been urine tested for medication and i was diagnosed in 1980..I can understand it if you’re in a hospital cause as a patient as you’d have no choice to but to give urine samples if they demand it.. I dont think anyone can force anyone to do anything but I am thankful that my CPN and shrink gently remind me of the reasons of why I do take it. Anyone who forces anything inside my body against my wishes is a rapist . This is because I feel like I can keep in touch with him if he thinks I’m being his friend and not preaching to him, etc. Your email address will not be published. This is a pleasant change in tone. We live in a free country (many people do) and no one can dictate to us what we must ingest. I disagree. :( taking my medication makes me feel dead inside, i have lack of motivation and lack of interest in everyday life! if you cant function then you cant get to therepy. I’ve never had meds forced upon or within me, nor any other form of treatment. Learn how your comment data is processed. — -- Question: How long do I have to take medication for bipolar disorder, and can I stop if I no longer have symptoms? Managing bipolar disorder without medication is possible for a few, but not many. How can I get over the loss of twenty-five years; I am depressed and seeing a different psychiatrist and diagnosed with depression and anxiety and on medication but do not fee that I will ever be normal. I also have told my friends and family what symptoms to look for and now they can tell if i'm either heading to or already in an episode, so they will talk to me heaps and make me go out and do things with them and stop me from going out drinking and stuff. Wer’e too cool for that. By using this Site you agree to the following, By using this Site you agree to the following, Is being bipolar and not taking medication and just going to therapy effective. In my case, I’ve been having problems with my life, trouble with holding a job, getting really depressed at my failures, etc. We are treated like animals going to slaughter . By subscribing, you'll get access to a FREE eBook on coping skills. We also now know that dopamine levels are highly increased during … But borderline personality disorder does NOT respond well to medication. It may also be that his daily dose of medicine is a painful reminder of his bipolar condition and he'd rather not face that reality. But in truth, I had more than bipolar and the ADHD and anxiety was triggering bipolar episodes. Most of these horrific crimes are caused by individuals who were on or coming off Drugs. If a person has bipolar and they truly recognize that they have it- then they do and decide to not take the medications thats one thing. And so will the decision to treat or not treat with medication. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t sad I was nothing. How would you know if your medication was working? i have food cravings too, but i get weight watcher snacks to help with the sweet cravings. can you be bipolar and not take medication brand cialis. Her illness could be managed successfully. We can disagree, we can even think we know better, but until you’re in that person’s brain, in the very soul of their being, you can’t know what really is best for him. You have to feel confident in what you can do, how stable you are, and in your support system to be an effective parent with bipolar disorder, says Jennifer Keener. and I can understand why. I’m 68 and was diagnosed and given mood and depression meds at age 64. And never made into some crazy person as Doctors, Drugs and there lies do. Bipolar is a brain disorder whether you like it or not. And the answer is absolutely yes, there are medicines that can make you cycle into a mood swing -- an episode of mania. An Alzheimers patient doesn’t make treatment decisions on their own, because they simply can’t. However, at the same time, that isn’t to minimize your experience. Medication is the mental arena. Or a misdiagnosis completely. We've got five strategies to foster happiness in your everyday life. I know medication has saved me from severe hard drug use in order to manage symptoms. While i still have some mood swings they are so much less frequent and not as bad now that i do a lot of meditation, positive mantras and vitamins. The two people I remember having the worst time of it when I was first hospitalized, one had borderline and the other schizoaffective disorder. And then the next minute I had this huge panic attack out of nowhere and everything went downhill from there... Now I can't leave my house.. can barely leave my bed. Yes, I think they should be experimented with to see what is effective and what is not. But when it turned me into a zombie and brought on other medical organ issues due to various meds therefore having to take additional meds to treat these side effects, I chucked it all in after many years of trying to do the whole meds psychiatrist psychologist specialist etc. Not all that affected. They will say that they can't pay for their medications; however, there are many drug companies that now provide medication for free. The same applies to many who are mentally ill. I’m sorry but I had to comment on the Mass shootings.t! So there is hope, for sure. That’s me. Others, however, respond well to treatment. With bipolar disorder, in contrast, the mood swings associated with bipolar disorder are not tightly linked to any regular body cycle so will not appear in such a … I realize these are all older posts ,but i come across posts that i left several years ago all the time..kind of freaky really when i come across them ,but none the less,are interesting when replied to.. To IvanP>> I’m bipolar butI stopped taking anti depressants because the facts are that they can easily and usually do cut down on one’s lifespan (longevity) by as much as 9 years or more..While they stabilize one’s bipolar they also do things like slow down heart rate and a number of other things which in the long run constitute and earlier than normal death..I found there are natural supplements that help my bipolar nd they’re not expensive..I’m not saying that all bipolars should give up anti-depressants ‘now would i ever encourage it..Bipolars please do not stop taking your medication if it’s keeping you stable!! No!!! The vast majority of these patients who are not med compliant, suffer tremendously, as do their families–if they can bear to stick around to watch the nearly inevitable eventual downward spiral into dispair. The side effects can be brutal, we aren’t doing this for fun, we’re doing this for survival. Need advice on Bipolar 2 meds . Some people have an episode a few times in a life, and between episodes, their mood is stable, their emotions gentle. I am one of the ones who has an awful time with medications. I'm trying different medications all the time (which I HATE) I hate the side effects. i am seroquel now which is an antipsycotic medication but they can use it as a mood stablizer. I would have gladly taken medication for this, but as I said I was confused. I think my dad was such a person, though he died a long time ago. All three have serious, life-threatening diseases. The question assumes there is one bipolar disorder, that for everyone it has the same course and the same prognosis. As for civil liberties, i don’t think being delusional is an exercise of free will, it is having your brain stolen so you can’t exercise free will. If you are on SSI you are forced to take medications or get booted off ssi. I know I have been there. Posted by Natasha Tracy | Sep 23, 2013 | Bipolar blog, choosing a treatment, treatment issues | 39. It's uncontrollable. Without getting heavy into it.. Medicine is a great tool to avoid mania and psychosis.. If you're prescribed lithium, stick to the prescribed dose and do not stop taking it suddenly unless told to by your doctor. However,being a rapid cycler I’m very time sensitive to my meds. Welcome to Bipolar Medication Spotlight, where we shine the light on medications used to treat bipolar disorder and other symptoms often related to bipolar … Thinking you can do a lot of things at once without getting tired: Unable to do even simple things: Feeling like you are unusually important, talented, or powerful: Feeling hopeless or worthless, or thinking about death or suicide : Some people with bipolar disorder may have milder symptoms than others with the disorder. If we want to be floridly psychotic and live on the street, then that is our right. I have periods of decompensation… really bad periods of decompensation. He’s a very intelligent person, and very crafty. They want any reason they can find to boot you . People without a mental illness make them all the time. There are several reasons why you can't control bipolar disorder by yourself. they are not too severely manic or psychotic to follow the discussion): Consider clarifying with the person the reasons they have for not accessing treatment (see also what to do if the person wants to stop or reduce their medication ). I believe that if you’re in pain because of bipolar disorder, then you should be seeing a psychiatrist. Do not stop your medication or change the dose of your medication without first consulting with your physician. I will never call 9-1-1, even with the chair and the rope in hand, even if the alternative was homelessness or prison. I would argue that if someone is on disability, having legal problems, or provides objective evidence for brain dysfunction including a diagnosis of Bipolar disorder by a competent clinician let them “prove” they are capable of insight and making a decision/choice when it comes to refusing a medication. I think so if done with respect and compassion. And there are two reasons for this. i wanted to get off of the lithium because of the side effects. Don’t let the winter chill send your smile into deep hibernation. I am not only Bipolar & properly medicated (yay! These are things you need to continue discussing with your psychiatrist. I would say that if you’re in financial and personal ruin due to uncontrolled manic episodes, you should be on medication. Natasha Tracy is an award-winning writer, speaker, advocate and consultant from the Pacific Northwest. And it's killing me. This doesn’t mean medication, per se, but it sure the heck means that those people need more help than they’re getting. They are for me however.. T o those bipolars that have not locked on to the perfect working ant-depressant or bipolar meds ,try natural supplements.I take Cholrella,a vitamin b12 supplement , ashwagahdha and Nutritional yeast flakes…again these might not work for everyone or even most,bu they work for me..But just as with any medications,you have to take them regularly!! If you find one or a combo that works for you, and you are satisfied with how you … i think if you are feeling they way you are you might need some medication. i was on lithium for two years and i only just got off of it. Talk to your doctor, and say “I am wondering if things aren’t working because maybe we have the diagnosis wrong or are missing a diagnosis.” If the doctor is rigid and won’t consider this, move on to a new one. Of course someone motivated and who has bought into medications has a better prognosis. Most do, but not all. However, it’s vital that you take your medication as prescribed. Of this patient sub-population, many self medicate with etoh, illegal drugs, or prescription meds begged, borrowed, or stolen from others. it took me 6 months to taper off it was hell. Each trip, in which I was actually admitted (cause I’ve had 2 trips for which they DID not admit me) – I SIGNED MYSELF in voluntarily and willingly. Without treatment, bipolar disorder … Now I focus on exercise, diet, education, music, self-expression, art and having a good time without going crazy. I’m just saying i did and it all worked out..Natural Supplements in place of pharmaceuticals is not the perfect situation for all bipolars.. Yet, I find myself firmly on one side of the line. The simplest answer to this question is “it depends.” Much of the information available says that—once you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder—you will have to take medication for the rest of your life. Your email address will not be published. MedHelp is not a medical or healthcare provider and your use of this Site does not create a doctor / patient relationship. People seem to think this is a change in view – it isn’t. I suspect anxiety is one possible thing, though there could be others, could be even more than one additional mental illness. Borderline and bipolar 2 are frequently confused with each other so its not unusual. The only exception to my personal rule is a two doc order to force IM (only legal in PA if the patient is on a 302 commitment & deemed mentally incompetent) meds if PO meds are refused, ONLY during a crisis situation in an inpatient psychiatric facility, ONLY when the patient is an immediate, imminent threat to themselves or others & all other less invasive / restrictive measures have been exhausted. She also has 100% medical coverage. Managing bipolar disorder without medication is possible for a few, but not many. ABSOLUTELY. I know for a Fact I could have helped them where Doctors couldn’t. 10th? (Sorry if this question sounds dumb) I'm 18 and was just recently diagnosed type 2 bipolar disorder.. We don’t have diet induced behavior problems, ( or whatever the latest attempt to degrade us for being ill is ) we have insufficient brain chemical or over abundant brain chemical issues which cause us to be unable to regulate our mood states.There is evidence that some of us experience a form of seizure which is as serious for us as it is to someone with epilepsy. It has been 5 years for me and I am still learning something new every day. Its a nightmare! I’ve always been against forced medication except in extreme circumstances, as noted. Someone with bipolar disorder can swing between periods of depression and periods of feeling constantly high, irritable, … As a matter of fact a lot of people are not helped by them however, they are now so used to them (habit forming) and so now they have to have them…and that is whole other can of worms about being forced to take them!!!!! I try telling friends what’s up. It is hard to qualify for low cost care here. They can take you through the process as safely as possible. I am now on Social Security Disability, I but am hoping to get off one day and support myself while working at a full-time job that allows me the flexibility to do everything I must do to take care of myself, including scheduling last-minute appointments with my psychiatrist and therapist when necessary. If ALL of these criteria are met, then I believe the forced meds are appropriate & in the patient’s best interest. biting, spitting, “playing” in their own feces, anything…these people are just as human as you & me & should be treated with the same empathy, concern, compassion as the Oncology & Hospice patients on the next floor. Sadie ( Sandra). One I know is so bad, she is 100% disabled and stays home. This is definitely a controversial issue, and unfortunately there isn’t a really clear answer for it. Pubblicato il 17 Settembre 2020 da . Choice and Freedom often come up in these discussions. Before starting your medication, talk to your doctor about potential side effects — each medication comes with its own — and when you can expect to feel better, along with what symptoms should improve. I’m 61 years old and battle fatigued and I just can’t keep pushing myself. Here’s the truth: there is no help. I have lived through too much & seen so much more to ever be convinced otherwise. And our pressuring someone to take meds really isn’t going to help the situation. Make your own decisions, but be aware that your decision is also influeced by your bi-polar mind. I was also a Victim just like the victims of the mass shootings. Another gal I used to work with was diagnosed in the moderate zone. DJ and Natasha, thanks to both of you. She was dead serious. No, nothing can go away permamently, they just take control of it. While a normal person could be a manipulative witch, she lived her life screwing with others and she once told me she knew it was because she was ill.